VXi BlueParrott® B350-XT 

The VXi BlueParrott® B350-XT has the industry’s best noise canceling and sound quality.  Plus you can set our new, exclusive Parrott Button to your choice of mute, speed dial, and more.  B350-XT is packed with great features, and it’s sleeker, more rugged and more compact than our B250 series.


BlueParrott B350-XT
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  • New Parrott Button can be set to your choice of mute, speed dial and more.
  • Be heard clearly everywhere with the industry’s best noise canceling (96%).
  • Stream music or GPS directions to the headset.
  • Simple one touch pairing to your phone (NFC pairing).
  • Use with two cell phones or a phone and PC at the same time.
  • Talk for 24 hours, and charge via micro USB.
  • Durable all-day comfort.
  • Use VXi Updater to keep your B350-XT up to date with the latest firmware.
Average Rating:


Reviewed by Ken on
I've had the B350-XT for about 6 months. It has fantastic sound, the volume is very loud if turned up all the way. I can talk to people in my noisy truck and they say they think I'm sitting in a quiet office. I have been on it while my noisy garage door opener goes up or down, and nobody hears it. The only weird thing I get is sometimes it doesn't say "Power Off" when I turn it off.
Reviewed by Howard R on
I was very satisfied with my 350 right out of the box. My 64bit Win7 computer would not/could not see the headset after installing the updater. Nicholas at tech support must have been tired of hearing from me but never showed it as he coached me through the steps to try. I finally just installed the updater on my 32 bit Win10 computer and all was good. The test was yesterday while mowing the yard in a 30mph Okla wind on a Cub Cadet tank mower. I speed dialed my wife with the parrot button and she was absolutely astounded that while looking at me mowing, the only wind or mower noise she could hear was coming through the windows of the car, NOT my headset. This headset is like getting something for nothing and it is worth every penny.
Reviewed by Mac Claire on
My 350 is great! However when I try to pair with my computer I get a error message. Can I just download the driver again and if so where do I go to download it?
Reviewed by Bo on
In 8 years, I've owned two of the XT-250's and they're great... perfect noise cancellation! I had tried a multitude of the high dollar headsets/earpieces and none can compare to the sound or the noise cancelling ability of the blue parrot... I'd really like to see them move to being USB RECHARGEABLE- much more convenient than having to have a second charger cord.... GREAT PRODUCT!
Reviewed by Tami Potirala on
Can't hear the notification in the speaker when a call comes thru. Missed several calls due to not hearing the phone itself ringing. Hard to hear people on the other end even though the volume is all the way up.buttons are too close together. Any suggestions? Other than that I've been told the sound quality is good but at times they hear an echo.
Reviewed by jerry smith on
The 350 is my 4th Blueparrot and it's the best I have found at any price. The updates have corrected the few problems with the latest unit(s). We work in high voltage generator rooms and broadcast transmitters that make hearing anyone in the room impossible. But not a problem with incoming calls. Great noise cancelling system.
With the latest series of Apple updates on their Iphone 6S Plus something has gone wild. The Blueparrot 350 works in phone mode only. No longer works with ANY apps. The phone provider could not help me. The same problem happens on both Apple phones tried with the headset. Also the headset now appears to be easily pulled toward other passing vehicles (semi trucks) for a few seconds before restoration beeps and voice saying 'connected'.
Any help greatly appreciated.
Reviewed by joey on
Best headset for noise cancelling! However if your phone updates VXI has to update there software too or else you will have issue and noise cancelling will not work. VXI takes a long time to update versions to new phone software. VXI updated software for windows and mac is lacking heavily too. The software if it works should allow you to update your headset....yet we couldn't get it working on windows or mac on several headsets. VXI had us send them our headsets and updated them for us....however 2 months latter Apple updated software and headsets started having issues again! VXI please get some programmers full time that fix and update
Reviewed by robert on
i tried to email question to tech support, link does not work.
i look for replacement parts for my 350.

would like some one from this company to contact me, like the product, but service sucks


Rob, we’ve emailed you the correct email address for tech support and our team has reached out with replacement part information. If you need anything else, please email us directly at technicalsupport@vxicorp.com.
Reviewed by Jason on
Haiving the same buzzing noise and headset freezes, unable to do anything but plug in to charger and unplug to make it unfreeze. Power button does not work. Seems to only happen if I end call from headset.
Reviewed by Ed on
Pros: Phenomenal battery life.
Outstanding sound quality.
Lightweight, very comfortable.
Quick charge. Super quick pairing and connection. Much faster than B250-XT+.
Now the ugly:
Switches are VERY touchy. They are not raised and if you're not used to it, you will disconnect calls. They is no switch delay. You touch it lightly, it disconnects. I have on several occasions accidentally hit the disconnect switch. Be careful! This never happened on my B250-XT+. There is a distinct connection switch on that model.
I have had it about 2 months. Within a week the mic foam wind cover fell off. The foam ear piece has fallen off several times and is already showing wear (I. E. Tearing) They are very loose and flimsy compared to B250-XT+.
The microphone is now placed on the inside of the switches. Very hard to move into place when you receive a call. I wear it around my neck and it takes a few seconds to set up when a call comes in. If you hit the switch twice you won't get the call. It is easy to do. The B250-XT mic is on the outside. Very easy to flip down to receive a call. While this model is very sleek and a definite move in the right direction, I would still recommend the B250-XT+ until some of the growing pains get ironed out.
Reviewed by Dan on
Wondering how to change the ringtone on the headset. When I get a call, the ringtone on my phone is not the same as in the headset. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Reviewed by Conor on
Good Afternoon

I am a concerned truck driver that has been a massive Blue Parrott supporter in the past. BUT NO MORE!!!!

Yesterday I was driving, getting my kicks, along Route 66. When all of a sudden my wife of 10 years called me. Naturally I answered using the easy hands free B350-XT. All of a sudden I was hit by a noise that can only be described as a high pitch shrieking. I immediately hung up as the noise was ear shattering. I then received another call from my wife with the same issue, I have tried to reset the headset to no avail. I called my mate Jim using the headset and the thing worked bloody beautifully.

I am very disappointed at the quality of this headset as I can no longer speak to my wife.



Hi Bill,

First, I’d like to thank you for your review and feedback. I’m sorry to hear about the audio connection issues you had with your wife, but I believe I have a solution for you. You may want to make sure your firmware is most up-to-date. That will optimize the performance of your headset with the latest software updates on your phone. You can find the latest Updater software here: www.blueparrott.com/updater. If you need anything else, please reach out to us at technicalsupport@vxicorp.com.
Reviewed by Cal on
I've had the buzzing noise as well, about every 2 weeks or so, sometimes more often. I was running f/w v2.3, I just updated to the latest v2.8 today. I'll see if this resolved the issue. Other than that, the sound quality and noise cancellation is amazing :-)
Reviewed by Ben Lee on
The most comfortable bluetooth headset I have ever owned. Sound quality is stellar. Customer service is superb. After updating the firmware, I lost the multipoint function. Tech Support walked me through 1-2-3. The Multi Function and Parrot Button isn't the most intuitive and takes some getting used to.
Reviewed by Leny on
I uses it on my trucks and it works really nice.
Reviewed by Richard on
My employer purchased this for me. Love feel, noise canceling, ect. I also have the "buzzing" issue with headset. It only paired with 1 phone (Apple 6). Push button to answer phone and boom, it starts. Headset won't shut off to stop it. Shutting off Bluetooth at phone won't. Plugging it in to charge it (even if already fully charged) fixes problem right away.

Hi Richard,
Thank you for your review, glad you like the headset overall. As far as the “buzzing issue”, we highly recommend updating your firmware on the headset to make sure it’s most up-to-date. You can do that by visiting blueparrott.com/updater. This will assure as you get a new phone or your phone makes updates, the performance of your headset is always optimized. If you need anything else, please reach out to us at technicalsupport@vxicorp.com.
Reviewed by gerri gonzales on
I have been having a heck of a time finding a way to talk while driving as I am on the road constantly). Earbuds, aux cord, speaker phone are all a wash.

I was VERY excited to receive this item as the reviews so positive. However: This thing is huge -like having a brick strapped to the side of your head. People can hear me, but not always.

My biggest disappointment is voices sound TINNY to the point to where I am have trouble discerning their words.

I do LOVE the flex microphone arm.
Reviewed by Brian on
It does what it says it will do!!! I use the Parrott button for auto dial which leaves me with the up vol.for a mute switch. Very problematic. I need something faster than one to two seconds. To be effective, it needs to be immediate.
Reviewed by Shineytop on
The head set is much better than my 250 I had. The sound however starts out really low, then blows out my ear within 45 seconds. I believe this has something to do with my Android phone that is paired with it. I discovered by the BP tech rep, you must remove your leather piece if you want to use your foam piece. You cannot use them together.
Reviewed by Walt M on
I've been looking for a blue tooth device that did not have "tinney" in the reviews. Well, I just picked this unit up and have had a great time using it. Everybody says the sound is like talking on a land line. They can't tell I'm on my cell phone or even in the vehicle for that matter. The best part is that the people I talk to sound the same way. I'm glad I didn't have to settle for a device that sounds like all the others. It's good to finally find something that beats the rest without paying a fortune to do it.
Reviewed by Keith on
This is the best bluetooth headset that I have ever used. My truck is a loud diesel and people have no problem hearing me, in fact they don't know when I am using the headset or just my phone. It has worked beautifully for me right out of the box. It's easy to put on and take off. Far more comfortable than the devices that have an earbud fitting inside your ear. I'd give you ten stars if I could. Thanks so much!
Reviewed by johnny germano on
had the busing noise issue , it stopped when i plugged it in and never came back since i uodated my device , this device is a life savor !!!!! im a trucker and i swear by this device , easy functions , fabtastic sound , never have any conplaints !!! people even remark how clearly they hear me ! definitely a must try , if ever you have any problems with it , make sure you do the latest updates and most probably , that will fix all issues !
Reviewed by Aberdeen on
Headset works great, sounds great. App crashes how ever when trying to program button.
Reviewed by Rodney on
Headset is great, have owned previous models but moved away from headsets due to breaking them all the time. Now the in-ear ones hurt to use so I decided to give the 350 a try.

I love this headset, I did have an issue with buzzing but when I got home I updated to the latest firmware and have had no issues since.

Comfortable to wear and use. I haven't had any complaints that i wasn't able to be heard. Battery seems to last forever though I do charge each night.
Reviewed by Eric Urban on
Nice headset I'm vary pleased with it.Was getting a static buzzing every once in a while after hanging up with the button on the head set.Called support and they explained to me what was wrong and that a simple firmware update would fix the problem.Not only a fantastic product but also great support too.
Reviewed by Cal on
Hi it's me again, I'm just updating you on my last review. With the update to firmware version 2.8, the buzzing noise is no longer happening, thank you VXIi. Oh and by the way, I wrote this review with speech to text using the headset and there was no spelling errors, nice!!
Reviewed by Phillip Spencer on
Very nice headset! The product functionality and quality is top notch. I've been using for 6 weeks and haven't run into any issues on call / sound quality. The headset was extremely easy to sync, battery life is long, and comfortable for long phone calls. Our company will be incorporating VXI headsets for our office phones soon. You can't go wrong with this headset...
Reviewed by Robert on
In the beginning it was working perfectly other than the foam piece kept coming off which was irritating. I liked it because as a truck driver I cant be fiddling with something to plug into my ear when I get a call. This headset is lightweight and sound quality was awsome until one day iut of the blue it quit charging. Every time I plug it in to charge it it just gets hot but never actually charges.
Reviewed by robert on
I just bought the Blue Parrot 350 and I'm getting a buzzing noise I can't figure out where its coming from I'm going to return it and get to BT 250 it's more reliable I thought they had a winner with a 350 not in my book
Reviewed by Larry D on
I'd give it 5 stars, but it automatically switches calls while I'm in call if a new call comes in. I've searched high and low for a setting to change this, but am not finding one!
Reviewed by Todd on
Prior to this I owned a BT250, which had awesome noise canceling capabilities. This headset is as good, with an improved charging connector. It would be 5 stars if the boom hadn't been moved inside the headband and if it was a little more compact to fit inside a backpack pocket.
Reviewed by Tim on
I have the B250+ and I can hear the sounds of the headset clearly and and can turn the volume up on the phone to hear the built in tones louder eg. when making a voice command call

I give the B350 a 4 instead of 5 because when I turn up the volume on the phone i can barely hear the built in sounds plus I also hear a high pitch digital buzzing sound when on a call.. also I hear static coming thru when im on standby.. weird
Reviewed by larry L on
I purchased the 350 , and it had no noise canceling in the one I had . Every one could hear construction site as I passed by, also bumps in the road inside my truck. Returned it for a 250+ it works fine.
Reviewed by Khris on
Good investment for professional drivers. Sound quality is amazing, and no background noise...clean and clear calls. Love the NFC pairing.
Reviewed by Barry Bourdage on
Love the 250, the 350 is quickly becoming a problem.

I get this loud buzzing almost every call now, I have to plug it in to reset it. I called support and they know about it, but do not have any idea on resolution. The buttons are to close now, and the boom being inside, rather than outside is cumbersome. The foam piece comes off about 5 minutes into your fist call. I bought 12 of these for employees, and now need to replace all of them with the 250.
Reviewed by bubba on
Your BX 350 deserves a 6 star rating. . Love it's performance and durability. I'm a truck driver and that's very important to me. Also like the feature about the BlueParrott button and the fact that the firm ware can be updated.
Reviewed by Jason on
Was very hesitant to buy such a bulky over the head Bluetooth but was also tired of getting picked on by other drivers about background noise while on phone. This headset is the best when it comes to background noise and now they have to ask if I'm still on the line because it is so crystal clear with the call. It is also so lightweight that you kind of forget your wearing it. I'm so glad I got this but so frustrated I waited so long also!
Reviewed by Juan on
This headset is flawless I am a driver and everyone thinks I'm home when on a call it's really HD voice and sound !!!!
Reviewed by Sid Y. on
This is an amazing product. I live in Taiwan. I bought one from the States last week, and couldn't believe how good this is. I showed to all my friends and even posted my findings on FB. As I am heading to the States again next month, my friends were asking me to bring a set for them. This is awesome tool for salesmen like us while traveling on the road.
Reviewed by Gary W on
thanks for letting me try this headset. I love this thing! I did not see how you could improve on the B250XT but you did. Everyone I talked with said it was so much clearer, on my end it was great clear as it could be. The battery life is unreal I talked on this thing for days without a recharge (now fix my phone to do that)! Not joking I really think you have just blown the headset market out of the water!
Reviewed by Otis J on
this model is the BEST I have ever used. I have a BX250 and this one runs away with it.
Reviewed by Phil A on
have come to the conclusion that the BT-350 is a very significant and worthwhile upgrade. It's more robust, easier to use, and more capable.
Reviewed by Fritz G on
The new head set is wonderful.
Reviewed by Eugene on
Most powerful headset I've ever used. People can't tell whether I'm in the office or on the street. Awesome.

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