The perfect partner for your Polycom phone, VXi's headset innovations maximize your UC system's potential. The VXi performance advantage begins with the industry’s best noise canceling—guaranteed. Proven by third-party testing, VXi’s clear, natural sound quality ensures you can hear and be heard, the first time, maximizing the benefits of Polycom Unified Communications solutions

But VXi’s real-world innovations go beyond sound quality. Our UC ProSet LUX™, for example, is the first headset with a built-in LED presence indicator. Designed around established UC standards, the LUX LED limits unwanted interruptions and boosts productivity.

With VXi, you get more than just compatibility. Paired with your Polycom phone, VXi solutions give you the performance you need to connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively. 

For over 25 years, VXi Corporation has been delivering best-in-class headset solutions to enable clear, consistent and reliable voice communications.