VXi BlueParrott® B250-XT

Since its introduction, the B250-XT has been widely regarded for its ability to knock out the most aggressive ambient noise—even the roar of an 18-wheeler! Its advanced noise-canceling microphone incorporates VXi’s Xtreme Noise Suppression™ technology, so people hear you, not your noisy environment.


BlueParrott B250-XT
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  • Be heard clearly with the industry’s best noise canceling—guaranteed.
  • Enjoy a wireless range of up to 66 feet, double that of most Bluetooth devices.
  • Talk for 16+ hours on a charge. (Up to 150 hours standby.)
  • Hear every word, with its wide range of volume adjustments.
  • Keep your conversations private, with 128-bit digital encryption.
  • Wear all day, every day.
  • Make your phone a walkie-talkie with the VXi BlueParrott App. Push to talk to one person or a group on Android or iOS phones.  
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Reviewed by Astrit on
My wife bought a new shuflfe to use when exercising. Unfortunately, she doesn't have Apple design approved ears, so the iPod earphones just drop out. She has some nice shiny Sennheiser sport headphones but there's no way to get the shuflfe to work. Result, you need to go out and buy an adaptor. This Belkin one does a fine job, and she's happy with it, but frankly this is not a problem that should have arisen in the first place. A real Apple blunder which results in extra cost if you want to use someone else's headphones.
Reviewed by Chris on
This headset has some great qualities! Clear audio on both ends of the call despite loud background noise on my end. Long battery life. And big, easy to use buttons.

But, there are some bad issues too. The biggest problem is the volume of the notification beeps. They are painfully loud and they cannot be changed with the volume buttons. If I am on a call in a quiet area so I have the call volume down to minimum and the low battery beep sounds, I feel like it has damaged my eardrum. This is a serious problem and I cannot recommend anyone else buy this product until this issue is resolved. Other small issues are, can't use while charging and the earpiece gets uncomfortable after about 30 min of use.
Reviewed by Larry on
I have the B250xt that I bought in August 2009 its used daily and the only thing I have done is replaced the boom speaker cover and ear cover. This has worked with no problems what so ever. I will definitely purchase a replacement if and when it stops working, Has given me Great Service.
Reviewed by Zip on
Great product!! Cannot live without it!!! I am in outside sales in Dallas Tx.The AC is always on full blast. People could not hear me and I could not hear them with other headsets. My ears do not like the earbuds, must be the rugby and football ears LOL I just had a assume expreience with customer service and techs. I call in Jan saying the battery was not holding charge. I did not send it in til April (did not want to part with it) The keep the warranty and repaired another one I broke. All this with out a questions... I recommend this to everyone.
Reviewed by Tom Lewis on
I've owned my B250Xt headset for about 3 years now and it has always served me well without fail. I use it daily on my commute to work & back and only have to charge it once a week. Everyone who talks to me on the phone are amazed that I am in the truck driving with the radio on but they only hear ME. On the rare occasions I did run the battery down to where it gives a warning beep I still got plenty of talk time.

In a nutshell this is a very well made bluetooth headset and I am sold on it. Based on this I just might get that new Reveal bluetooth for my new phone.
Reviewed by Douglas A Civiello II on
I have owned my B-250-xt since I purchase on 12/29/2011 at 0733 in Bentleyville PA. From day one just love the way it worked could talk around my truck or while my partner did his shift behind the wheel, we would switch out in the morning and he would pair it to his phone. I can't really explain how well it worked all the time. and after a year of very little use plugged it in and it's still working good with the only exception of the indicator light only work when turning on or off, to pair the device you have to put it on and listen to the beeps. I guess I could say my is in covert mode know one ever knows if it's on or not some day when this one stops working I'll have to but a new one and I don't have to tell you what I'm buying just another Blueparrott. sincerely Doug C
Reviewed by Danny R on
I have owned 2 of the 250, I still have my first one I bought about 5 years ago!! They are Awsome and the customer service is by FAR better than any I have ever delt with. This company makes the BEST and they Stand behind it. Thank you, Vxi! As a owner operator, this is a necessity and I can walk between two trucks at high idle, and hear perfect and the people on other end say they dont hear hardly anything! Only my clear voice and not the trucks :) I have had all the others, and they all failed.
Reviewed by Deb W. on
I've owned many bluetooth devices in the past but never anything as good as my Blueparrot Roadwarrior B-250-XT. These babies work beautifully and if ever there is a problem, their customer service is impeccable.....very friendly and helpful. Thank you Ryan for your help this morning - and your jokes were very funny. Other companies could stand to take their customer service cue from you all. Thank you.
Reviewed by Les L on
While the BlueParrott B250-XT is a hit among professional truckers, I wanted to let you know how much of an asset it is in my landscaping company. In my business, a missed call often means a missed job and people just don’t leave voice mail messages in this day of texting. In fact, I’ve set my phone up to read text messages, so I can hear when I need to respond without interrupting my work. All this and it conveniently (and comfortably) fits under my Boonie hat that I wear every day! On top of that, the call quality is amazing, considering the background noise. My customers never complain that they have a hard time hearing me.

Thank you again for making a great Bluetooth product that makes such a positive impact on my day-today business operations.
Reviewed by Misty E on
I just wanted to thank you for having such a great website. Not only is it very clear and concise, but your instructions on how to use the BlueParrotts are as well.
I am by no means a "techie", but with your nice clear instructions, I was able to "pair" my phone and headset without having to call my husband.
Thank you so much!
Reviewed by Don C on
Don called in a few times to tech support for his B250-XT because he orginally thought his battery was dying. However, after the headset came back on he realized it wasn't a battery issue-but couldn't get it paired up again. He spoke to Anne, who was incredibly helpful and didn't get angry or mad when he couldn't quite hear. All of his experiences with tech support have been "incredible" and reiterated that we have an incredible company and product. He also spoke about his previous experience with Plantronics was good, but after trying the BlueParrott there was a huge difference. His wife use to get very frusterated when she couldn't hear him and now she never complains. Furthermore the B250-XT has easy to use controls, MF button, volume which he loves. Thank you to everyone at VXi for being so helpful.
Reviewed by nancy J on
I would like start off saying I love my bluetooth headset (even though occasionally people say that can't hear me @ times). I have had my headset for almost a year & I use it primarily for work. I'm a motorcoach operator & a lot of us in this industry are using your products (not just truck drivers). I just wanted VXi to know this! Thanks for making a product that actually works!
Reviewed by Paul and Glenda J on
Just a quick note to say thanks to your company for satisfying a formerly disgruntled customer. We had thought that like many other companies out there that we had just bought a product and when it quit functioning as it was supposed to that when we sent it in for replacement or our money back that we would never hear from it again. We were pleasantly surprised today when a box with 2 new headsets (Blueparrott B250-XT’s) arrived on our doorstep. We want to commend Mr. Kevin Driscoll for making us un-disgruntled customers. Just wanted to say thank you and to let whomever know that we will continue to tell others about the headsets and recommend them to friends and family who want to drive safe, as well as, give praise where we think praise is due.
Reviewed by Gary G on
To Whom It may Concern:After a great deal of research I recently purchased a B250XT headset. I spend a lot of time on conference calls so the over the head style of the B250XT was exactly what I need. As luck would have it I had issues with not one but the replacement headset as well, at least that is what I thought. In both cases I worked with Sandy McVey and we were able to isolate it to my phone. Sandy could have stopped there as the issue was mine but she didn’t. A few days later I had a 3rd unit in my hands and it works great! While I am now very pleased with my headset I am more pleased the extra effort put forward by Sandy to solve my issue. In times when you hear a lot of complaints about customer service it was a pleasant surprise to experience exemplary customer service. Thank you VXI for your great product and special thanks to Sandy for her diligence and great service!!!

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WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. To learn more about VXi BlueParrott's Prop 65 compliance, please view our FAQ's here.
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